Initially trained as an Industrial Engineer at Penn State University, Brian now provides others with the tools to design and build churches and organizations. Much of his time is spent traveling to oversee churches and in leadership training and development. Brian served nine years as an elected government official on the local public school board including two years as board president.

Brian’s book Prosperity with a Purpose was birthed out of a personal revelation which has since become a life message. Brian is also the co-author of Youth Cells and Youth Ministry andThe Biblical Role of Elders. He also compiled Helping You Build Cell Churches, a comprehensive training manual for pastors, cell leaders and church planters.

Brian currently serves on the International Apostolic Council of DOVE Christian Fellowship and directs the DOVE Training Schools. He and his wife Janet help to provide oversight and direction for DOVE churches in CanadaUSA and South Africa. Since 2003 they have gotten involved in business, owning a property rental company and holding part ownership of another company. Brian & Janet have over 25 years of experience in leadership of churches, small groups, youth groups, government and business.

Brian and Janet have been married for 24 years and reside in Manheim, Pennsylvania. Their five children range in age from elementary through college. Watching movies, sporting events and dance recitals are some of the activities they enjoy as a family. They have discovered that in the busyness of life, a good cup of coffee, a round of golf or a book goes a long way towards relaxing and refreshing the soul.

3 Responses to About

  1. Hope Yoder says:

    Hello, I am finally leaving a comment about how your book “A Practical Path to a Prosperous Life” impacted me. I lived thorough the Prosperity movement going to a small charismatic church where the emphasis was the Lord is taking us thru the wilderness. I would feel a bit uncomfortable when I had a thousand or so in my account and would feel a little more in sync with God when I had less. I must say in that time God was very gracious and I saw His hand and provision in my life. God’s provision was beautiful like His provision was beautiful to the children of Israel in the wilderness. However the story did not begin and end in the wilderness. He eventually took them into the promised land where the plan was different but was not less God.
    So when Brian Sauder came to our church and preached on God’s perspective on prosperity, I must say it was like a breathe of fresh air. I purchased his book, ” A Practical Path to a Prosperous Life” and read the whole thing from cover to cover in a couple of days! I had a paradigm shift and the Lord showed me so beautifully the Godly way to possess money without it possessing me and it was actually God’s plan to prosper me and as I stewarded it in a God-proper way it would be a resource to bring the Kingdom of God to the earth in a greater measure.
    Thank you Brian Sauder for being the pen in the hand of God and giving us this piece of the puzzle which I call “The Kingdom of God demonstrated on the earth.” What a blessing and may God continue to bless you with more revelation.
    Definitely a must read for everyone! – Hope

  2. Barry B says:

    Brian, it was great sermon this past Sunday at TLC. I will follow your footstep, and looking forward to better El Shaddel with my live and working toward Gods work. I see there is a hope and wisdom after listening to your speech. In any years, I felt I was deserted and lonesome and no one to talk. Have you after felt you are out of place? In my lifetime, I see a lot of people do not live in the means or live by moral standard.

  3. Albert Francis says:

    Hi Brian I’m using my phone since I don’t have a computer and i couldn’t find a way to sign up

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