Calvin’s Amazing Story

Calvin Chiew, from Washington, DC, USA had a desire to do more for God and for others around him. It was after he read my first book on finances that he started a business that has grown to employ others. In a recent conversation he was sharing how blessed he is to provide jobs for others who have lost their jobs because of an economic recession in the USA. He was blessed to be a blessing just like Abraham was. Here are his comments.

For me personally, the book “Prosperity with Purpose” couldn’t come at a better time.  It reclaimed the word “Prosperity” from the lies and misconceptions in me.  I’m a very driven person, probably due to my upbringing and family background.  As a Christian, I always thought there is something wrong with me, that I shouldn’t have this strong desire to succeed in life.  I thought a Christian should be content and stay “low key”.  I have a poverty mindset.

The book showed me that there’s nothing “low-key” about the God we serve.  There is nothing poor about our God.  He is “The Almighty”, “The Magnificent One”, and “The Many-Breasted One”.  I started to think and reflect upon His abundance.  Like a loving parent, He yearns to give good things to his children.  In fact, He is the giver of all good things.  I started to believe He is going to bless me.  And He did.

In the parable of the talents, the first two servants know the master’s heart and they prosper. The simple truth is, prosperity implies responsibilities.  Therefore, there is no shame in seeking and asking God for prosperity or success as long as we are aligned with Him.  Nehemiah prayed to God for success and asked King Artaxerxes for lumber, not only enough for the walls and gates of Jerusalem, but also for his own house.

The revelation of God that is explained in Prosperity With a Purpose is El Shaddai…the God of more than enough. 


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