Do You Have a Christian Worldview?

Do you have a Christian Worldview? At first glance, some of us might be slightly offended at this question but lets see what this means.

The spirit of poverty leaves us feeling like things will never change—that we can never get ahead and that we will always be at that same job …building widgets. “This is our place in life and that is the way it is,” we tell ourselves. “Our finances will always be out of control. The money just keeps coming in and going out and we are never able to have dominion over it. Things will never change.” This is called fatalism with no hope for change in the future, and it is contrary to the Christian worldview.

To be honest, in the past I actually felt more spiritual or thought it was more spiritual to be in financial lack. I saw it as my cross to bear. In my mind, suffering for the sake of the gospel included not having sufficient resources. I was shocked to find that this mindset has more to do with a Hindu worldview than a Christian worldview. Listen to what Darrow L. Miller has to say in his book Discipling Nations:

Hindu society actually values ignorance. Imagine you are a development worker who wants to teach poor people in India how to read and write. After all, you reason, illiterate people have little chance of improving their lives. Yet when you get there and begin to grasp the Hindu culture, it slowly dawns on you: In the Hindu system, encouraging the poor to learn is asking them to sin. Hinduism, for its part, has no rationale for why people should be helped. This system asserts that the poor are the poor because of what they did in their past lives, and their quickest way out of poverty in the next life is to suffer in this one. 1

By comparison, I realized the Christian worldview is one of advancing and growing. The Lord does not want me to languish in the same place in any area of my life. He desires to provide the necessary resources so there can be growth and increase in our lives.  If we look at world religions today, we find the idea of things never changing is more closely aligned to the Hindu worldview than the Christian worldview. God wants you to advance.

I hope you asked the Holy Spirit to teach you to prosper. He is a good teacher. He wants you to advance.


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  1. Merle says:

    I sent this URL to our church whatsapp group.

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