Does God Help Those Who Help Themselves?

In the movie “Facing the Giants” there is a conversation about two farmers who were praying for rain for their crops. Both farmers were asking God for rain but one farmer was out digging irrigation ditches while the other was sitting in his house waiting for the rain to come. The question was asked, “Which farmer has more faith?” Without getting into a huge theological discussion here, I have come to realize that God does expect us to put some action to our faith. This is a change from the way I once thought, and I would now say it is a more prosperous way of thinking.

Many years ago when I first heard the statement, “God helps those who help themselves,” I reacted to it negatively. In my passionate spirituality I said categorically that this was just an excuse to rely on human effort instead of God. I told the individual that nowhere in the Bible does it say that God helps those that help themselves. I have changed my mind and had to eat these words that I thought were so spiritual. I humbly intend to show you in these next few blogs how God does help those who help themselves.

Christians are fond of quoting and praying the scriptures about the wealth of the wicked being stored up for the righteous as stated in Proverbs 13:22. I believe these scriptures are absolutely true; however, I am not sure that God will automatically transfer wealth to his children in the last days. This expectation appears to be based on faith, but it sounds a lot like lottery thinking.  As we will see when we look at Elisha’s interaction with a widow, faith without works is dead. The Lord expects us to be active participants in receiving the wealth of the wicked. It is a joint venture.

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2 Responses to Does God Help Those Who Help Themselves?

  1. briansauder says:

    You bet man…we need to keep carving this financial territory out so that the people of God are not hindered from doing what they are called to do.

  2. chase cheshire says:

    Good Stuff Mister. chase

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