A Good Offense and a Good Defense

Championship sports teams usually have both a good offense and a good defense. Using this analogy, let’s consider your “offense” to be your income and your “defense” to be your spending. Some people do a good job with their defense through keeping a budget, but neglect to consider how to increase their income. Other people are able to see a good income come in, but cannot be disciplined to save or invest any of the money. Can something as dull and boring as a budget help us to prosper? The answer is yes.

I usually spend most of my time teaching about the offense, which is increasing the income side. However, we will spend some time on developing a good defense here because I don’t want to assume anything. I have heard C. Peter Wagner say, “Whatever is assumed will be ignored.” I don’t want budgeting to be ignored. I have lived by a budget for most of my life and know that this has helped me to prosper. If you have been encouraged by the discussion of how to have a good “offense” financially, then hopefully you can stick with me through a short discussion of how to have a good “defense.”

We want to be as practical as possible. One of the things we have found about the spirit of poverty is that it leaves people feeling like their finances are out of control. Money seems to come in and go out quickly and there is never enough extra to really do the things the person desires. A budget allows you the opportunity to take dominion over your finances. We want to approach our finances with a quiet confidence that comes from God.

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