Tithing Benefits You

Tithing benefits the person who is doing it. In Winds of Change, Rick Joyner says:

Abraham the father of faith, paid tithes hundreds of years before the Law, which is noted in the New Testament (see Hebrews 7:8-9) because the writer of this book was reminding Christians of this. Under the New Covenant we are a part of the Melchizedek priesthood and Melchizedek received tithes. If this was not more clearly spelled out, it is only because it was so obvious that it did not need to be.2

Alan Vincent, a church planter and trainer from San Antonio, Texas, gives the example of someone who came to him saying, “I can’t afford to tithe and make my house payments.” Alan told him to tithe in faith and if he couldn’t pay his house payment then Alan would cover it for him. The young man started to tithe and he never came back to Alan because he couldn’t make the payment. In fact, Alan observed that he soon received a promotion and a new car.

Jerry Stoltzfoos is an Assembly of God church planter and senior pastor from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He has planted multiple churches. He teaches on tithing and actually guarantees that the church will pay back a person’s tithe if they don’t see a significant blessing or turn around in their finances after they start to tithe. He has been saying this for many years and has not paid back any tithes to date.

Simply stated, I am recommending that the number one building block of your personal financial budget should be the ten percent tithe to God. If you get involved in his 10% he will get involved in your 90%.

Gene Strite is a church leader, author and businessman from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, who takes tithing a step further. When he was a pastor his goal is to teach everyone to tithe ten percent and save ten percent. The saving ten percent will also give people the money they need stored up for financial opportunities that come their way.

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