Think and Act With Long Range Goals in Mind

Prosperous people think and act with long range goals in mind. Today’s labor may not pay off for years. I will use my African friend William Manyanya as an example again.

William built a new house on a property in the Kitale region of Kenya.  He demonstrated  long term thinking for his neighbors by preparing to get electricity to his house. The house was built in a rural area with no access to electricity. In rural Africa, electricity is not available along every road but only comes where people pay for it to come. They knew when they built the house that the closest electricity was located miles away, and they didn’t have the money to pay for it to get there.

       William’s plan was to research what kind of tree the electric company uses for electric poles, and then he planted a stand of this kind of trees on his property. These tall slender trees grow fairly rapidly, however it will still take 7-8 years for them to be large enough for him to trade or sell to the electric company for electrical service. It will take time but he will get electricity to his home for his family.

Start thinking now about how you can incorporate more long range thinking and planing in your life. I have many great examples in upcoming blogs.

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  1. Munyanyas' says:

    After eleven years, electricity is coming to our village. We have applied, paid the full charges and we are waiting for the transformers to be installed. Hopefully it will not take ten more years. Thank you Brian! (William and Joina, in kitale, Kenya.

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