A pastor friend of mine said the following after he was physically assaulted at a New Year’s Eve celebration, “Christianity is all theory until it is put to the test.” His ability to live out Christianity was put to a test, and he passed as he forgave the individual and moved on with life. This statement is true about our belief in biblical prosperity too. It is all theory unless it is put to the test. We started early on by looking at the blessings of Abraham. He was blessed to be a blessing. He received the blessing of God by faith. We need to do it the same way. It has often been said that faith is spelled RISK.

In the book Good to Great, author Jim Collins talks about how to confront the brutal facts without losing faith. Start with an honest approach to assess the given situation. Don’t confuse faith that you are going to prevail with the brutal facts and reality of your current situation. The reality of your present situation, perhaps as measured by net worth, gives the sound footing needed to lift yourself out of it. We must look reality in the eye and confront it.

In order to prosper financially we will have to take risk and confront fear. These next few blogs will be about how to take a realistic assessment of your finances and overcome fear to change that present reality.

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