Brian Goes to Wall Street

I have my own story about Wall Street as well. In my mind Wall Street was this big imposing financial mountain that was too big for anyone normal like me to climb. I have heard many times the comparison of Wall Street vs. Main Street implying that Wall Street (representing the financial world) is at odds with Main Street (the normal Mom & Pop world where most of us live). Though there is some truth to this comparison I have come to realize that most of what is listed and traded on Wall Street is owned by people who live on Main Street.

So here is my Wall Street story. This is one of those times where I felt the Lord was answering my prayer for the Holy Spirit to teach me to prosper. In order to increase my financial literacy I was in the habit of reading about Wall Street in the Wall Street Journal. I realized that I was scheduled to speak at a conference in Brooklyn, NY in the near future which is in close proximity to Wall Street in Manhattan. I started to get the nudge of the Holy Spirit that I should actually go to Wall Street. I felt I should go there…pray and listen and get a cup of coffee. After finishing the conference and getting directions I set out to visit Wall Street on my way home. What an adventure.

I made it across the Brooklyn Bridge only to become hopelessly lost in a myriad of multiple lane, one way streets and construction in Manhattan. I was finally able to make my way down to the south of Manhattan Island where Wall Street is located, but I still couldn’t find it. Believe me it was a little embarrassing to stop and ask someone for directions to Wall Street in the shadows of the financial district skyscrapers …how intimidating…I almost gave up and went home. Finally I worked my way between a couple of tall buildings and there was the sign for Wall Street. How disappointing!

I was expecting it to be one of these multiple lane streets bustling with traffic and commerce. It is not. Wall Street is two lanes wide (and one of them is for parking) and the section I first found is open only to pedestrians. You can’t even drive on it. It is basically an alley. I snaked my way around and found a way to turn on to the part of it that you can drive on. There is parking on one side and only one lane going one way. This is the same Wall Street that intimidates people around the world? It is just a narrow street.

And then there it was…a parking spot! This was a miracle in and of itself. I self- consciously pulled into the spot and left my car running in case anyone asked me to move. When you are obeying God in new ventures you look for His thumbprint there. This simply means some sign or recognition that you are on the right track. As I sat there with my car idling I saw someone walk by with a coffee cup from my favorite coffee shop. I smiled. Yes! I knew I was exactly where God wanted me to be.

I took my Bible and the pages fell open to the scriptures in Genesis that speak of Abraham being the Father of many nations…right there where he was introduced to El Shaddai…the God of more than enough. That day the wall of intimidation that surrounded Wall Street came down for me. I wrote down the things God was showing me, found the coffee shop, enjoyed a coffee and drove home. I had climbed a mountain.

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2 Responses to Brian Goes to Wall Street

  1. When will you be coming to NYC to speak again? Please make some time to meet with my husband. His name is Rafael Soberal- he works in the city- EVP of a marketing/ad agency.

    • briansauder says:

      Jennifer….I don’t have anything planned for NYC. I am now doing a full day seminar based on the book called A Practical Path to a Prosperous Life if you know of a church who would like to host one of these seminars let me know at

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