How Hard Do You Want to Work?

To create wealth we cannot think in terms of an hourly paycheck. If we are putting our time in and waiting for our monthly paycheck, we will have our needs met but we will not prosper. Our paycheck will be limiting and not allow us to do all the things God has asked us to do.

For example, as long as we are driving a truck making deliveries we will only be able to make so much money in one week, because we are limited in the number of deliveries we can make by the hours of the week. If we are going to prosper making deliveries, we need to find a way to get more trucks on the road. Or consider the difference between a laborer who works for pay and a farmer who plants seeds. To be a successful farmer, you must develop a sense of dominion. You have to be confident that your mind can produce more than your hands.

Let’s say you have the choice between selling pens for a living or shining shoes. The amount of money to be made shining shoes is capped by the hours of the day. The amount of money to be made from selling pens is not limited because someone else produces them and you can order any amount to be sold. You could sell 500 one day and 50,000 the next day. Pens could be marketed on an internet site that takes orders from around the world 24 hours a day  and shipped from a wharehouse without you even expending any energy. Thinking this way helps to frame our efforts to create wealth.

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