2015 – A Year of Opportunity

A prophecy for you for 2015…

There are opportunities that have been hidden during 2014, but now in 2015 the Lord is revealing them to his children. It is a year of opportunity. For those who stumbled through 2014, following the Lord in what seemed like dark times; when obedience to the Lord did not seem to make a difference…now obedience will make a difference. For there are summer and winter seasons when the wicked seem to prosper, when it seems like there is no benefit in following the Lord; but now is the time to give light on the earth! The Lord is giving light to his children so they will illuminate the whole earth.

(This prophecy was given by Brian Sauder at a DOVE International Global Prayer meeting this past Saturday morning.)

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4 Responses to 2015 – A Year of Opportunity

  1. marcia mento says:

    Brian, thanks. This is timely and it is right on, I receive it and I believe it. May the Lord continue to bless all that you put your hand to for His glory. in Jesus name-Marcia

  2. Suite310@aol.com says:

    Brian, Thanks. I receive this prophecy…. Don

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