Your Village Can Prosper Too

The following is another example of God’s financial blessing on a community, but this time it is a village in Africa prospering. Yes…God’s word is so practical it works in developing nations as well.

Hesbone Odindo now leads the DOVE churches in the Kisumu region of Western Kenya. They first started a small group in 2005 in Hesbone’s home village of Kadawa, approximately 400 km from Nairobi. This group grew into a church called Restoration Community Church which was officially launched in January 2006 with thirty members. Today, the church has multiplied into five churches with over 1000 people attending. But Hesbone and his wife Violet did not stop with just spiritual transformation of church members.They had a vision for physical transformation as well.

They worked and obtained financing to oversee the transition of village swampland to banana tree groves. Because of the growth of the church and the addition of the banana trees, more than ten new jobs were created. New bore holes were drilled for clean water for the villagers to drink; eliminating the disease of Cholera which had previously claimed 5-10 lives each year. Because of the high number of people whose immune systems were weakened by HIV, historically four people a week died from malaria. The Kadawa church introduced mosquito nets which cut the malaria death rate to one per month. As Hesbone followed the call of God to his native village, his village began to prosper.

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