If You Are Not Saying It…You Are Not Creating It.

If you are not saying it…you are not creating it. Really? Yes! If we believe what the Bible teaches we have to deal with the words we speak. Our tongue is like a rudder and we are the ship that is steered. We speak into existence God’s will for our lives by our words…for our finances and other areas as well. Let the following proverb impact you as you read it:

From the fruit of his lips a man is filled with good things as surely as the work of his hands rewards him (Proverbs 12:14).

To understand the truth presented here we must see the Bible is directly comparing the hours we work and the paycheck we receive for this work, with the results that come from our spoken words. Or stated another way…as surely as you plant corn in the ground and it grows and produces a crop, it is equally as sure that your faith filled words will reward you with good things. The prophet Joel instructed the weak to “say” they are strong. Say it. Out loud.

I have to admit though, in spite of all these scriptures, it still feels awkward to say “My debts are paid off,” when I have a payment schedule in my desk drawer for loan payments. And yet, somehow when I say those words, faith rises up in my heart that the mountain of debt can and will be removed from my life. It is a spiritual principle, and it is not always easy to understand how it works. But it does work. I have to say it like this…I am not denying reality, I am changing it.

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