Enjoy Beauty and Blessings

We read in the Bible about an alabaster bottle of expensive perfume poured over Jesus feet. Who was it that called this act a waste? It was Judas. It was an act of worship, but he criticized it as wasteful excess. He even gave a spiritual reason not to do it…so the money could be given to the poor. In actuality it was Judas who was missing the point. True waste is not noticing and enjoying what God put here on earth for us. This is an act of worship.

We will experience more prosperity if we enjoy beauty and blessings. It will change our finances. Do not apologize for God’s blessing. Include beauty in your life; it will make you more prosperous. God made these things for us to enjoy. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a vehicle purchased for an African apostolic leader by the name of Ephraim Tumusiime. He should not have to apologize for the nice, new vehicle he received. He should enjoy the fact that he no longer gets stuck in the deep, muddy ditches in the Ugandan roadways.

So what about beauty? Our lives should both embrace and radiate the beauty of the Lord. God was the first artist, and we are his masterpiece. Beauty feeds your spirit. Why do I give my wife beautiful flowers?…after all they just die anyway. No, it brings beauty into her day. It feeds her spirit. It changes our home.

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