Time and Money

Most people would say they would like more of both time and money. At the core of this statement is a desire to be more fruitful and productive. This is a good and godly thing. We were created this way. The truth is there are many parallels between time and money. For example, we know it is better to invest money than to spend it. This would also be true of our time. It is better to invest time in people and projects that provide ongoing return than to spend it on things that are once and done.

What is your time worth? Many of us don’t put a monetary value on our own time. However we need to see that others do put a monetary value on our time. As an example, let’s say you are in the United States and plan to travel from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. If you buy a bus ticket it will cost you $150 but it will take you 36 hours of time to get there. If you buy a plane ticket it will cost you $500, but the trip will take 5 hours to get there. If other people assign monetary value to our time, maybe it would benefit us to do the same.

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