Why Did Felix Think Paul Would Offer Him a Bribe?

Paul himself never seemed to suffer lack in his finances. He always traveled in the most modern form of transportation that was available in his day. It is never recorded in scripture that Paul could not get a boat to the next town because he did not have enough money. The biblical record shows that the Lord directed him to go, and he went. He had the prosperity and the resources that were needed for him to obey God. It was just like Noah, who had the resources he needed to obey God when he was instructed to build the ark. Most people today would call Noah independently wealthy.

But back to Paul…the Biblical account in Acts 24:26 says that the governor Felix sent for Paul frequently and talked with him, hoping that Paul would offer a bribe. Why would the governor Felix, a wealthy man, think that Paul would offer him a bribe? Could it be that Paul had the funds needed for ministry and enough to offer a bribe large enough to impress  a wealthy governmental ruler like Felix? I think so.

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