Dry Seasons

Let’s look at the book of Job in context. It is about a season of suffering and dryness in Job’s life. The lessons in Job are extremely valuable and the Bible would be incomplete without it. There are dry seasons when God is doing something in our lives to make our roots grow deeper into Him, and we need to discern and persevere our way through these times of drought. Many times pastors and spiritual leaders will help us through these tough, dry times. Just like the birds of the air suffer lack of food during an occasional drought, Christians also experience seasons of lack in their lives. But as we will see from examining Job’s experience, the general pattern of God’s heart for provision is one of abundance.

In the beginning of the book of Job, it is important to point out that God blessed Job with many financial and material blessings. It was only after the devil came on the scene that God’s blessings were interrupted. It was when Job was under the attack of the devil that he was poor, sick and experiencing calamity. This is what the Bible teaches us. Sometimes, Christians get confused about this and think Job is teaching we should be poor and sick. Just the opposite is true. The book of Job is the story of how a man overcame the attack of the devil and what he learned in the process. More to come…

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