The Number One Building Block

Harold Eberle relates that as a local church pastor he spent four weeks teaching every Sunday on the principle of tithing. He instructed everyone to write their current income inside their Bible cover. At the end of four months of tithing, 80% of the congregation saw an increase in their income or some kind of financial breakthrough.

Jerry Stoltzfoos is a friend who is an Assembly of God church planter and senior pastor from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He has planted multiple churches. He teaches on tithing and actually guarantees that the church will pay back a person’s tithe if the giver does not see a significant blessing or turn around in finances after starting to tithe. Gerry has been doing this for many years and has not paid back any tithes to date.

Simply stated, I am recommending that the number one building block of your personal financial budget should be the 10 percent tithe to God. If you get involved in God’s 10 percent, he will get involved in your 90 percent. There it is…Biblical, practical and true. The tithe is the doorway to prosperity and blessing.

Abraham gave Melchizedek a tithe before the Old Testament law had ever been written. Abraham was honoring the Lord and Melchizedek as the priest of the Most High God with ten percent of that which the Lord had given to him.

At the end of every month a Christian will face a stack of bills they need to pay. One of these bills is their bill to God. It is called a tithe. This tithe reminds us that everything we have belongs to Him. We enjoy returning this 10% to the Lord. After all, Jesus has given to us 100% of Himself through His death on the cross. We are eternally grateful!

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