Innovate and Improve Your Life

In our study of God’s initial discipleship of the children of Israel we find he created everything, including his children, to grow and reproduce. In Genesis we find that God created plants that produced after their own kind…plants with seeds in them and fruit with seeds. This is a part of his divine nature that he wants Christians to take part in. This truth was central to the Biblical worldview he was teaching his children. It is his will for Christians to advance. People without an advancing mindset will not innovate and improve their life. Dennis Peacocke has studied this and has some profound thoughts in this area.

Poverty is rooted in the rejection of Christianity, its view of reality, and it discipline. Without the foundations of the biblical worldview, society’s attempts to alleviate poverty are doomed….Poverty is a spiritual problem more than an economic one. Paganism produces poverty; obedience to God’s covenant produces wealth.

People who do not live in a covenant with their Creator will not invest in the future, because it is too unpredictable. Instead, they will live in constant fear of the future. That is why free enterprise systems flourish only where the biblical worldview flourishes. Prosperity comes to societies where people invest current resources in the future; and this best happens when people trust the faithfulness (predictability) of a covenant-keeping God who promises to reward your investment if you invest, work hard and obey Him.

God incentivized his children with a good reward.


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