Real Estate is “Real”

Land is on God’s heart. It is a key to how he prospers his people. Our experience has been one where the most significant increases in our personal net worth have come as the result of real estate transactions. If you do not own land, it is very likely that God wants to help you get some. If you own land, possibly God wants to give you more. Rick Joyner states that the great thing about real estate is that it is “real.” It not a piece of paper related to a stock option purchase in a market somewhere. It is real. You can go there and walk on it. You can grow corn on it if you want.

Research in the United States shows the number one way that people finance new business ventures is by borrowing money against their house, which is of course located on land. So the best preparation for starting a business is to purchase a house and start paying it off. This will eventually build equity that will allow you to finance a business start up. Small business start ups create 70 percent of new jobs. Most of these businesses are family businesses, and as with Abraham and his sons, land is often central to birthing these new businesses.

Fundamental to the value the Biblical Worldview gives the individual is the individual’s right to own private property and have it protected. If someone builds something, then the government should protect the fruit of their initiative and/or innovation. In the Bible, this is considered both the right thing to do and the just thing to do. As we are told in Psalm 89:14, righteousness and justice are the foundations of His throne. These are the foundations of the kingdom of God, which is why in the kingdom of God there will actually be private property. In God’s economy “the righteous will receive the results of their own work” (see Isaiah 3:10).

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