True Creativity Requires Liberty

Though the United States has many challenges today, it was started  on the foundation of honoring God the Creator. It was sown into the government and culture. The basic image of God in which man was created was the expression of God’s creativity. The closer man gets to God the more creative he will be. Regardless of how revisionist historians have attempted to change history, this was a basic foundation in America. True creativity requires liberty.

The American form of government released initiative by protecting it and its rewards. American innovation is not the result of Americans being smarter. It has been simply the result of human initiative being promoted, honored, and protected. Now consider this: Chinese Americans are as innovative as any other Americans, but Chinese in China are not. China is prospering and growing economically, but virtually all of this growth is the result of copying what others are doing, not by innovation.

As America grew, immigrants from all over the world flocked there. Why?…so someone could redistribute wealth to them? No. They came for the opportunity to work and be rewarded by it. Socialist redistribution of a forced nature is theft. People can give willingly and freely to whatever cause they choose, but the moment it is forced freedom is lost. Your income is yours . It is your property, given to you by God.

Next we will take a closer look at how God got the slavery out of the minds of the Children of Israel after he got them out of slavery in Egypt.

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