God Created Us to be Producers

As stated in last week’s blog, James Jerome Hill was one example of someone who produced economic activity that benefited many beside himself. Biblical capitalism is intended to reward personal initiative, encourage personal responsibility, provide for the personal ownership of property and allow for personal freedom in decision-making and choices. The Bible condemns laziness, but exalts productivity. This is clear when we look at Proverbs 21:5:

The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.

Jim Morrison in his book God Gave Capitalism to You says it like this, “God commends making an honest profit just as he commends generosity. Apparently it was acceptable for Jesus’ disciples’ (Peter, James and John) to own their own boat and be fisherman (businessmen, entrepreneurs), by which they provided for their families.

Keynesian economics, which have been employed since the new deal, tells us that we are first and foremost “consumers.” News Flash: You are not meant to be a consumer first; you are meant to be a producer. God built you to be a producer. In Genesis 1:28, He mandated that you be ‘fruitful and multiply.’…Why wouldn’t God want us to produce good for our fellow man via economics? It is true that we all consume, but the Biblical capitalist does not look at consuming as his economic duty, he looks at producing as his economic duty.”

As I have stated in these blogs, capitalism is not perfect but must be governed by God’s principles. Just so you know I do plan to continue to sight the critiques and failures of capitalism because anything based on truth, if it is true…will withstand criticism. I do this because I am teaching that God gave rules to govern capitalism and when it has failed it is because these rules have been violated.

How about Enron? A failure because God’s principles were violated. But wait until you hear how entrepreneurial the early Moravian communities where in the USA. Amazing info to come…



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