Steve Forbes’ Daughters Worked at McDonald’s

Even though Steve Forbes owned Forbes magazine and was worth over $400 million dollars (at the time), he had his daughters work at McDonald’s restaurant to learn the value of money. Obviously he had enough of money to buy several McDonald’s restaurants and give his daughter everything they wanted. Instead, he chose to lead his daughters down a wise path (1).

God puts a value on working for what we eat and possess. We remember that when the children of Israel where wondering in the desert, God kept his covenant with them and provided for their needs through supernatural provision. There was manna from heaven every day, but the same day that they entered into the Promised Land the manna stopped. In the Promised Land they were expected to work and live off of what the land produced. In addition to that, they had to physically fight for the land that they were promised. It caused them to value the land that they were given to possess. Even Adam who was placed in a beautiful garden was told he had to dress and keep the garden.

We remember the Bible story of Ruth gleaning in the fields of Boaz. The laws concerning the gleaning of fields in Leviticus 19:9-10 and also Deuteronomy 24:21 require the poor to work by picking up the leftovers at the edge of the fields. Work was required and it was not a free handout. Proverbs indicates that God puts a value on wisdom and diligence. It says the wise and diligent should advance above and beyond those who were foolish and lazy.

God delights in giving gifts and blessings to his children, but he expects them to be used in a productive way. Jesus did not have nice things to say about the steward that took his talent and hid it. We were created to be productive.

(1) Fasting for Financial Breakthrough by Elmer L. Towns (2002) Baker Books.

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