A Young Zambian Entrepreneur

When I first met Gilbert Mwale he was a student from Zambia studying in Mysore, India and attending Destiny Center Church there led by Phillip Omondi. But he had a vision for business and since I was teaching on Biblical finance and God’s abundant economy I had the opportunity to talk and help fuel his vision for business. He plan was to graduate from college, return to his native Zambia, start a business and get married. He has done all of these.

Gilbert returned to Lusaka, Zambia and started E-msika, an e-commerce company. Some coaching at the beginning helped Gilbert get off to a good start. His company started to win awards and recognition as it grew.

A recent article in the Times of Zambia newspaper explains what E-msika does and highlighted its success: E-msika is an e-commerce platform company that helps farmers find, buy and receive farm inputs in a fast, safe and convenient way and is working with over 2,000 farmers across the country. The company’s chief executive officer, Gilbert Mwale, said in a Lusaka interview that the e-commerce company was helping farmers with agricultural inputs that helped them eliminate the middleman.

Mr. Mwale said the company was helping out farmers to increase productivity in order to improve food security and increase household income. He said, “Farmers face a lot of challenges like lack of transportation, accidents, especially during the rainy season, but our company address such challenges.” Mr. Mwale explained that local farmers who have the potential to produce more food could do better with resource and technological assistance such as E-msika.

Recently E-msika was selected by the COMMON MARKET FOR EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICA (CMOSA) as a showcase company with best practices to be a model and present a workshop on “youth entrepreneurship” at the CMOSA regional workshop.

Gilbert’s response to this success is simple…Glory be to Jesus. We keep moving.

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3 Responses to A Young Zambian Entrepreneur

  1. Exciting! Thank you for the advice and support you have given to Gilbert.

  2. Gilbert Mwale says:

    Hi Brian, thank you very much for featuring our story on your blog. We truly give God the praise and we are working hard to grow our business and increase impact in our society.

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