When You Have Money…You Can Live on Less

When my son was learning to play the trumpet we needed to purchase a trumpet for him. If we bought the trumpet outright and paid for it in full, it would cost us $400. However, if we did not have the $400 and used the $20 per month payment plan the music store offered us we would end up paying $600 for the trumpet. The question is, “Do we want to pay $400 or $600 for the same trumpet?” Four hundred dollars of course!

When you have money you can live on less! This is an amazing truth to grasp. Simple but profound. Probably many of us could give similar examples of this financial principle.  This leaves more money for what we really want to do with it; like give and be a blessing! We have to cross-over from living in lack to experiencing God’s abundance; it will allow us to accomplish more.

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