Lost wedding ring?…Never Fear El Shaddai is Here

A couple of years ago I lost my wedding band. Our local church has a sports team on which I participated. As I was changing one day in the parking lot for a game I took off my wedding band and must have inadvertently dropped the ring as I was putting my clothes into an athletic bag. I soon discovered the wedding band was missing. This was disappointing to both my wife and me. It was not a very expensive ring, but it was more the idea that it represented the most important covenant in my life.

After a few months of hoping it would turn up somewhere my wife and I went to a jewelry store to replace it. We found the prices of rings had increased almost tenfold since we had initially purchased the ring 23 years earlier. We were preparing to buy an inexpensive ring, when the jeweler remembered getting a return of an expensive ring. He found it and was able to size it to fit my finger. This attractive ring was worth three times what we would have spent for the least expensive ring there, but the jeweler gave it to us for the price of the least expensive ring.

What a blessing for God to prove his lavishness to us again and affirm our marriage covenant with a special blessing. God is good. I enjoy teaching this revelation of El Shaddai so much because it seems to help people to fulfill their destiny. Of all the things I teach as a Bible teacher, this area of Biblical prosperity seems to help people the most in reaching their God-given dreams.

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2 Responses to Lost wedding ring?…Never Fear El Shaddai is Here

  1. Tom says:

    Tremendous testimony! It’s these personal stories of who our God is that we need to hear again and again.

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