More Than Enough Bibles !

Around the same time I was discovering the revelation of El Shaddai as the God of more than enough, I had just ordered a new Bible. I received the Bible, but it was not the correct size I had ordered. When I contacted the publisher, they instructed me to just keep it and they would send me another Bible. As it turned out, the publisher sent two additional new Bibles by mistake. Now I had three study Bibles. All of a sudden I had more than enough Bibles!

It seemed like the Holy Spirit was underlining this fresh revelation of God as the provider of more than enough. By the way, I did send the one Bible back but I gave the other to my wife. God blessed me and I was able to be a blessing to my wife. Here is another testimony from Dorothy, who is just one of the many who discovered that God wants to be El Shaddai.

“I already knew how to budget and some Biblical principles about money. Still I constantly needed help (for food or car repairs) from my church. After hearing the teaching of Prosperity with a Purpose by Brian Sauder, I stopped looking at the checkbook balance. I began instead to look to El Shaddai, “the God of more than enough’ as my supply. Since then I have testified so many times about the many breakthroughs in my finances that my friends got jealous. Now at their request, I am teaching others what the Bible says about money and our God-El Shaddai. And yes, lots of times, as God leads, I too give all that I have in my purse and the amount in there is increasing.

                                                     Dorothy –  Reading, PA, USA

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