God’s Nature is Seed Time and Harvest

Miracles are usually just enough to get us through a crisis, but because God’s blessings contain more than enough, the surplus can many times become someone else’s miracle, meeting their needs. God’s blessings are usually the fruit of something we have planted somewhere along the way. Fruits generally have the seeds in them to plant for the next crop. However God’s miracles are usually once and done. There is no seed in them. God’s nature is seedtime and harvest; miracles are God’s mercy.

Does it take more faith to believe for daily miracles or for a life-style of blessing, healing and prosperity? I think it takes more faith to live a life-style of blessing. God has provided miracles even when there was no faith. Do you remember the water from a rock and manna in the morning? These were miracles God did just to get the children of Israel to stop complaining. There was no great faith there! Could it require greater faith to live a life-style of blessing? The answer from my life experience is “yes.”

Please keep in mind as I contrast El Shaddai and Jehovah Jireh, I am not talking about two separate gods. I am talking about two separate revelations of God’s nature given to humanity with finite minds, to somehow gain an understanding of an infinite being. I am not creating new theology. I am introducing us to a divine aspect of our heavenly Father that some of us have not yet experienced.

Of all the things I teach as a Bible teacher, this area of Biblical prosperity seems to help people the most in reaching their God-given dreams. Listen to the story of Merle and Cheree Shenk, as they recall their missionary experience in Cape Town, South Africa.

Life on the mission field was a journey of faith for us.  After reading Brian’s first book Prosperity With A Purpose, we really took a mental shift to believe that God could be the God of More Than Enough for us & our ministry.  Many times we saw God do amazing provisions.  One story that stands out to me is the day our car broke down for the fourth time in one week, each time it was something different.  Our family was sitting beside the road, crying out to God, feeling ready to give up and leave South Africa.  It was the week we were to launch our Bible School curriculum and it seemed as if the devil was pulling out all the stops.  Two days later we were driving home a brand new, completely paid for new vehicle.  This was a mighty revelation that changed our approach to daily living!

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