Be Fruitful

The spirit of poverty makes us feel trapped where we are. God does want us to advance. Take the promotion at your job. Start taking classes to get a better job. If we have an advancing mindset, our current financial situation doesn’t matter. Think of Joseph’s prosperous soul regardless of his circumstances. We can’t just wish we had a better job; we need to take steps to get one. We observe that Adam and Eve were quickly assigned the task of naming the animals. They were not to let things the way they were but to bring advancement.

Consider this…God is a loving Father who creates unfinished things so those he loves may have a meaningful existence, purpose and a sense of accomplishment in life. For example God created corn but he leaves it up to us to put it in rows and feed the world with it as stated in Psalm 104:14:

He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for man to cultivate–bringing forth food from the earth.

He created everything to grow and reproduce. Again in Genesis we find that God created plants that produced after their own kind…plants with seeds in them and fruit with seeds. This is a part of his divine nature that he wants us to take part in. It is his will for us to advance. People without an advancing mindset will not innovate and improve their life. In certain parts of the world which lack a Christian worldview, villagers will carry buckets of water for miles each day. They will do this for many years without ever attempting to dig a well in the place where they live.

What was it that caused Wilbur and Orville Wright to want to fly and discover the laws of flight and the airplane? Were they just bored with the train, or was there something in the hearts of these two Christian men that caused them to want to advance? And look at what has happened since then. The entire first flight of the Kitty Hawk was a shorter distance than the wingspan of a modern 747 jet. Amazing.

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