Full Throttle

I live in the middle of rich Pennsylvania farmland. There was a farmer in our area who constantly worked his equipment with the throttle wide open. He even drove from the barn to the field as fast as he could.  Another wise, prosperous farmer was heard saying this farmer would never be able to make any money because his equipment simply was not designed to run full throttle and would not last. A few years later, the first farmer had to sell his farm and take another job. One reason he could never get ahead was because his equipment kept wearing out.

Our bodies were not made to be running at full throttle eighteen hours a day, seven days a week. He created a Sabbath principle so we can refresh and renew. He forced the children of Israel to take a year off every seven years. A year to reflect and talk to their neighbors. It forced them to stop producing, detach and think about how they were producing  I wonder if they were better, more productive farmers and tradesmen after the Sabbath year of reflection? I think so.

God has a path of blessing for you to walk in. Let Him do it. Let the Word of God cause faith to rise in your heart to embrace El Shaddai and your expectation of God’s financial provision of more than enough. Expect Him to teach you to prosper. Allow Him to change your beliefs. If your patterns of thinking change, the words that you speak will begin to change. If your words change, your actions will change. And, if your actions change, the outcome will change.

God wants to change our thinking about what to expect. Remember the apostle John’s words to Gauis, “as your soul prospers, you will prosper.” If we perceive and embrace this truth in our hearts, nothing can stop it from flowing out. God wants us to advance, but to do so we must have courage. There are different kinds of courage. We need courage in the financial area. With God’s help we can obtain the financial courage and strategy that we need to walk in the prosperity that He has for us. More on financial courage next week.

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