Financial Dominion

We will have to learn to take dominion over our finances and make financial decisions from a place of confidence. A king has dominion over his kingdom, so for us to have dominion over our finances means we have authority and rule over them. At the same time we cannot ignore the natural wisdom and talents that God has given us to use in accumulating data to make a good decision. As I have spent time with prosperous people, I have found they act according to a “gut” feeling they have developed as a result of their life experiences…risks taken and overcome.

We can’t rush financial decisions. Let emotional excitement pass (like after talking to a salesman) and wait until you have a sense of dominion (confidence) within. Wait until the next day. When someone presents me with an opportunity that I have to decide on immediately …the answer is a simple, “no.” I would rather miss an opportunity than be pushed into making a decision I am not comfortable with, especially if there is not time to consult with my discerning wife. God is big enough to provide other opportunities.

Financial dominion means you are not over-extending yourself. Don’t get in over your head. Start small. Jesus came to the earth as baby and it took 33 years to accomplish his purpose. Don’t be anxious. Ask for advice. Don’t make a decision in a vacuum. To do anything beyond what you have confidence to do is risky. Do what you have confidence to do, not in your emotions but in your gut. You might have confidence in your heart to take financial risks that others do not. Others might have confidence to take financial risks that you do not. Go with that confidence in your heart.

This does not mean you will be free of fear when it is time to pull the trigger. Fear is always there. It must be overcome if you are going to accomplish anything in life. Think about it. The vast majority of the things we fear never come to pass.

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