Giving Keeps Prosperity in Balance

My one son played on many soccer teams. I was just like every other parent out there screaming and cheering him on. I encouraged him to play his best, stay humble and be successful. I did not tell him to “do well, but not too well.” I never told him to “score goals, but not too many goals.”  No, I cheered him on to do his best and be successful on the soccer field. I use this example to introduce the topic of balance in this teaching of Biblical prosperity. Sometimes as I am teaching, people ask me what the balance is to understanding Biblical prosperity. The balance to prosperity is not poverty. Biblically, there is no such thing as a little bit of prosperity and a little bit of poverty to balance it out. Giving is the action that keeps prosperity in balance.

Giving will keep money from becoming an idol in our lives. The balance to prosperity is giving. Currency has in it the word “current”…it means it should keep moving like a river current. A little paradox is pointed out by the following funny story.  Picture a businessman talking to a bum on the beach about the importance of hard work. He says, “If you work hard you will be able to sit on the beach and do nothing.” Of course this was what the bum was already doing. It is not about accumulating wealth to prop up our feet and relax. God wants us to be active in financing and developing his Kingdom.

Many financial advisers talk about getting rich so that you can retire early. In some cases a big fanfare is made of having a retirement party at an early age. I could not disagree more. This is the exact opposite of why I believe God wants to bless us. He wants to bless us so we can sow the finances we have received and empower others.

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