Taking Responsibility for Your Finances

One reason that a budget is such a powerful tool for personal finances is that a budget forces a person to take personal responsibility for the money God is sending their way. When personal responsibility is taken, it puts you in a place where God can get behind you.

Susan (name changed) had grown up in the home of a single mom with a lot of needs. Without a father in her home she became noticeably insecure and in search of male affection. As she came into her teen years she cultivated a pattern of behavior that often went as follows: she would break up with a guy and go on a consolation shopping spree using her credit cards. Eventually she became a Christian and ended up in our living room with a credit card debt in the order of $15,000 at the age of nineteen. As we counseled her and explained how to get on a budget the idea of controlling spending seemed like a foreign idea to her.

Her offense was good. She made good money, but her defense had a lot of holes in it. Nevertheless, Susan submitted to the idea of a budget, and within a year and a half of us meeting with her monthly for accountability she had eliminated her entire $15,000 debt. Now she was ready to prosper, and she did. Although she did advance financially, for her the greatest prosperity was to meet and fall in love with a guy who loved the Lord and be able to enter into marriage debt free. The freedom and blessing she felt in walking down that aisle and starting married life financially free was an awesome treasure for her. Susan took personal responsibility for her finances, and it opened up the door for God’s blessing in many areas of her life.

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