So What Should My Net Worth Be ?

Here is a project for your week-end. How am I doing? Most of us feel like we are behind the ball with our net worth but in reality for our age we might not be.

In his book, Becoming a Millionaire God’s Way, Dr. C. Thomas Anderson gives the following formula to determine if you are on track with growing your net worth. I found this to be helpful and you might find that you are not even that far off track for your season of life. Remember, don’t expect to get rich quick, this is a life long pursuit, advancement comes to those who diligently apply God’s principles on a consistent, long term basis.

Now determine what your net worth should be at this time of your life. Take your taxable income for the last year and multiply it by your age. (If computing these numbers for a husband and wife together, use either person’s age but you will be better off using the older one). Divide that number by ten and you will have the amount your net worth should be at this point in your life. By subtracting your actual net worth you can see how far off you are.3

Complete this calculation. It really works and gives you a practical place to begin to take steps forward. The important thing is not what your net worth is, but thinking in terms of net worth and increasing it. Now ask the Lord for wisdom and a plant to increase it. 

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