What if my Financial Plan Doesn’t Work?

My experience is that financial plans seldom work out exactly as written and that they need to be re-written every few years. Here is what Rick Joyner says about planning.

Nothing of lasting significance has ever been accomplished without some type of planning or preparation. Every general goes into battle with a battle plan and every coach goes into a game with a game plan.(2)

When a sports team is preparing for competition the coach develops and the athletes focus on a game plan and practice relentlessly to execute it. At the same time the coach and the players make decisive changes at halftime or mid game as needed to get the victory. Likewise Marines are taught plans and maneuvers and go into every battle with a battle plan. They are told no battle will ever go as planned and that adjustments will need to be made along the way. A financial plan will seldom work out exactly as planned, but will get you far enough to know what corrections or adjustments are needed for success.

Does the fact that the game plan might change at halftime keep a team from developing a game plan? No. Does the fact that the battle plan will likely change during the battle keep the Marines from developing a battle plan? Of course not; they plan to win but are ready for anything that might come their way. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. Failure will only make you stronger and smarter.

2 Rick Joyner Prophetic Bulletin, 2008

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