Let’s Get Started

You might recall that the spirit of poverty leaves you feeling like your finances are out of control. The money comes in and goes out without you having control of it. Here are some risky, beginner suggestions to help you practically take dominion over your finances. Consider these ideas and take some action as the Lord is leading you. You should be taking action on at least three of the following 15 items.

  1. Understand what the scriptural power of the tithe is and do it with faith in your heart that God will pour out overflow to you.
  2. Deposit your money into savings and “own it” for a while before moving it into checking to pay bills. Even if it is only for a few days, it will change your thinking and give you a sense of dominion. Works in Kenya with M-pesa.
  3. Take dominion over your finances and pay a bill early instead of waiting until the last possible time. You take authority and decide when to pay the money.
  4. Most poverty stricken people have filled their lives with second rate possessions. Buy something you don’t need but can afford. It should be one nice item of lasting value like a watch or picture for the wall. Get something that you can keep at a very visible, prominent place. Don’t buy the cheapest or even the best deal, but purchase something beautiful that feeds your soul. If you need to do this to break a poverty mindset, you will find it a struggle to do. Buy something you can pay for with cash.
  5. If you have never owned any stock, set aside $150 and buy a few shares of stock to own.
  6. If you have never given away one hundred dollars at one time, do it as soon as you can save it up.
  7. Subscribe to a year of the Wall Street Journal. Let your soul prosper as you read.
  8. Plant or expand some flower gardens around your house. Beauty feeds your soul.
  9. Fix something that is broken around your property. Especially something that has been broken for a long time. Repair or replace it permanently and with good quality materials.
  10. Sign up for a course at a community college or trade school. Look for something you like to do or think you would enjoy. It could be something career oriented like a marketing course or something that feeds your soul like an art course.
  11. Take half of the time you are presently spending on entertainment and use if for learning. Be specific and measureable. Read an economics book instead of watching your favorite sports team.
  12. Follow Dr. Thomas Anderson’s formula to measure if you are on track with growing your net worth for your age.
  13. Develop a ten year financial plan that makes adjustments in all four elements of net worth: income, expenditures, savings and debt.
  14. Find a quiet place and pray the prayer, “Holy Spirit, teach me to prosper”.

I recently came across an old African proverb. Here is what it said…”The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

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