God Gave Ruth Land

The Biblical story of Ruth is, of course a great love story. But it is also the story of God giving a woman physical land. God took her from gleaning leftovers along the edge of the field to become the owner of the field. When she married Boaz, who owned the field, she became an owner of the very field she formerly gleaned in as a pauper. What a great story of financial prosperity and God’s redemption. Take the time to read it.

In the United States, the number one way that people finance new business ventures is by borrowing money against their house, which is of course located on land. So the best preparation for starting a business is to purchase a house and start paying it off over time. This will eventually build equity, which will allow you to finance a business start up. Small business startups create 70% of new jobs. Most of these businesses are family businesses and as with Abraham and his sons, land is often central to birthing these new businesses.

There is a practical link between economic land ownership and economic development. Land ownership is the proving grounds for business. God gave me 20+ scriptures about home ownership that I will be sharing in the next couple of blogs.

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