The Fox Story

We know real estate is something practical and Biblical that the Lord might use to help us enjoy His prosperity. But it is not all common sense and natural wisdom. With all the due diligence, common sense and practical wisdom that I have been emphasizing in approaching wealth generation, we also need to rely on the direction of God’s spirit. Jesus did come along and tell the disciples, who were experienced fishermen, to throw their nets on the other side of the boat. They followed his direction and pulled in a miraculous catch. Let me give an example.

I have a building with two rental units in it and experienced a genuine crisis because neither one of the tenants was paying and neither one of the tenants wanted to get out of their apartment. Realizing that we were not helping the individuals by letting them stay there, we started the painfully slow legal process to evict them.

As I was praying one day about these units, God showed me a picture of a red fox curled up and sleeping under one of the apartments. I could not tell which apartment it was but I was able to discern that it was not a good fox; but that it represented an evil presence that was resident in one of the units. I immediately responded by commanding the fox to get out of my apartments and to get out of my town in Jesus name…I did not want this same spirit to just move into another location in our town. So I just made the verbal declaration I felt the Lord was directing me to make and moved on to other things I had to do that day.

The next day I had to drop something off at the building and to my surprise the renters on the one side approached me and said they were moving out. They came and proudly told me that they were moving to another city in our area. Well… I did not have to wonder which side “the fox” was sleeping under…clearly this spirit of darkness was leaving town as I commanded it too the day before. So in business, we must stay tuned in to the voice of the Holy Spirit. He wants to help us. John 14:16 calls the Holy Spirit our helper and he will help us with our business as well.

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