Change Our Present Reality

In summary, it does matter what we say about our finances because the Bible says we will eat the fruit of our words. God speaks and things come to pass, and He wants us to speak forth His will for our lives and life situations and it will come to pass.

One more great example from the Bible is when the twelve spies returned from their trip to spy out the promised land. Ten of them said they could not conquer the land, but two-Joshua and Caleb-said God would give it to them. Joshua and Caleb got to see the land. They said God would give it to them and they got to see it happen. The spies who said they weren’t strong enough to do it, didn’t do it.

So there are two sides to this coin. First, the words that we have spoken that we shouldn’t have like the veteran missionary who spoke lack over his family. We want to delete these words and their power over our lives. Sometimes, as well, it is the words that others have spoken over our lives that need to be deleted. I will show you how to do this in my next blog. The other side of the coin is represented by the faith-filled, creative words that the Holy Spirit is prompting us to say to change our present reality.

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