Some Jobs Pay More Than Others Do

A lot of times a spirit of poverty in our lives will make us feel like we are locked into the same job. It is important for us to notice that some jobs pay more than others do. This may seem obvious to some, but others can’t see it because of the blinding effects of the spirit of poverty.

Let’s take a blunt look at reality…people are not paid for how hard they work; it’s what type of work they do. For example, ditch diggers work physically harder than lawyers, but lawyers make significantly more money. Though this is a very simple concept I only received a revelation of this a few years ago. It changed my thinking and gave me some fresh insight that has helped many others.

I realized right away this was a principle I wanted to teach my children. My teenage son had a job cleaning up an upholstery shop on the week-ends. He also has another part-time job where he operated a television camera. He was paid $5 more per hour to operate the television camera and yet it is a much less strenuous job. More pay…less strenuous work. This was an easy lesson for him to see.

Sometimes Christians tell me they are considering a new job and ask for my advice about taking the new job. Unless I am directed otherwise by the Lord, my first question is always to inquire if the new job pays more than the one they now have. If so I often point out that it is likely God’s will for them to advance into this new position. This is usually a relief to them because a lot of times they feel guilty about getting paid more or are concerned about their co-workers to whom they have been witnessing. I generally assure them that God can still reach their co-workers even without them there.

It is now quite common for people to change careers four or five times in their lifetime and it is okay to do this. Consider going back to school and get some more training. Improve yourself and you will be a better employee or possibly qualify for a promotion. You are not locked into your current position.

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