Brian’s new book available to order!

New book by Brian Sauder

Most of my blogging comes from the content of this book…so you can keep getting it in bits or get the whole download by getting a copy of this book. It is at the printers now and will be available next week

Practical Path Prosperity

Click to order here

A Practical Path to a Prosperous Life

A Practical Path to a Prosperous Life explains a clear biblical, step-by-step approach to attaining abundant personal finances, building wealth and financing of the Great Commission in our day. Brian draws on age-old biblical truths and includes many practical, present-day applications to help your thinking line up with the God’s Word. Brian’s dream is to help identify and eradicate the poverty mindset from the church so that every believer is empowered to experience God’s abundance and to fulfill his or her destiny. Includes questions for individual or small group study. 282 pages by Brian Sauder

A Practical Path to a Prosperous Life is a revelation on finances that every Christian in our day desperately needs to understand and practice. —Larry Kreider, DOVE International® Director

Brian’s heart for transforming the body of Christ in the area of wealth management comes through on every page of this book.—Dave Yarnes, MorningStar Ministries

Brian deals with the thing that kills our drive and creativity—the spirit of poverty. It is an awesome tool for study and empowering. —Eugene Strite, Businessman/Author/Speaker

It will inspire you to experience a greater level of personal prosperity and position you to be a blessing to many.—Tony Fitzgerald, Apostolic Team Leader, Church of the Nations

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1 Response to Brian’s new book available to order!

  1. Roy Sauder says:

    Hi Brian, will be interest to get one of your books.WE are anxious to read it and happy to have for the B&B. See you Wed. moring!

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