Right now, let’s picture money flowing to you from many sources similar to how tributaries feed a river. A lot of people look only to paychecks as their source of income. Your salary is different from your income. Someone else, like your employer, might set your salary; however, you don’t have to be satisfied or limited to that level of income.

Our limited thinking can limit God’s ability to open new sources. He might open up (many) other sources if we let him. Raise your faith and break through that ceiling of your salary level. Begin to pray and expect more income. We must understand that all the money that comes to us comes from God. The following is what I pray on a regular basis for finances to flow to me from multiple sources.

“I am a money magnet. I receive salaries, raises, inheritances, dividends, discounts, bonuses, capital gains, royalties, book sales, honorariums, gifts, tax breaks, interests, rents, refunds, prizes, real estate appreciation, residuals, rebates, scholarships, firstfruits and offerings in Jesus’ name. Money comes to me like water flows downhill.”

A prayer like this might seem a bit audacious however I would point out that to date I have received money from all but one of these sources and I expect that one will eventually open up. There might be some that I am missing that you might want to pray for yourself.

However income does not create wealth. Wealth is created by what you keep, save and invest. Your wealth is determined by measuring your net worth. We will discuss net worth in forthcoming posts. For now let’s focus on income and giving, which is one of the best investments we can make.  However, as you have heard me say before. You can’t give what you don’t have.

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