This is the fun part. As the money passes through your hands, you have the opportunity to re-direct it to extend the kingdom of God. First, you must intentionally possess and own it. It is now under your authority. Remember, money will come to you from many sources, so you really don’t know the history of it and what it was used for before it came to you. It might have been used for ungodly purposes. The scriptures do say that the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous so we can expect it might need some cleansing when it comes to us. It really doesn’t matter where it came from, because now it will be used for the kingdom. This is why it is important that you take authority over it and earmark it for the kingdom of God. By doing this it is like cleansing it or sanctifying it for kingdom use.

When I say this I am not talking about some kind of ceremony where we actually put all the money we receive in a physical pile and pray some kind of blessing or sprinkle holy water over it. No, I am talking about how you posture your heart and take dominion over the money you receive. It is a matter of faith and authority, this money has come under your authority. It will now be used for kingdom purposes. The following is my outflow prayer that I pray on a regular basis.

“I tithe to my church and give to missionaries, building funds, training schools, church planters, educating the poor, feeding the poor, translation projects, revolving loan funds for the jobless, orphanages, micro-finance funds and well drilling for the thirsty in Jesus’ name.”

Your outflow will be different than mine depending on what the Lord has placed upon your heart. Upcoming posts will focus in on the practical workings of God’s Economy.

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