Invest Where You Have Confidence

During the credit crisis of a few years ago the Chinese came through almost completely unscathed. The credit crisis and ensuing world recession was caused by some complex financial instruments that the Chinese didn’t totally understand. Since they didn’t have confidence to invest in these financial instruments they were saved the hardship suffered by banks and financial institutions around the world. We could criticize them and say that they are not very sophisticated investors or we could learn from them. They didn’t overstep into an area where they did not have confidence and it saved them huge losses.

I meet some people making money in business and they say the best way to make money is starting a business. They say Real Estate is a “no win” venture. I meet other people making money in Real Estate and they say business is a “no win” venture. Guess what? They have found where they have grace to be fruitful. Grace gives them confidence.

A friend of mine is a manager in a metal working plant that produces metal fixtures from different kinds of metals for manufacturing. He tells me about how he is investing in metal commodities. He understands the supply and demand of these metals and it is working well for him. He has a natural authority in this area. However, I would never have confidence to invest in this way.

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