A Gold Mine in South Africa?

A friend of mine has a drafting business. He worked in construction for many years before that. He is now investing money in rental properties. This is working out well for him because he knows the industry and has a natural authority there. Where do you have confidence to invest? Is there an area your parents or family members have found success? What are the natural gifts God has given you? Are you good with numbers? Good with people? Move toward these areas.

This principle of confidence applies if you are buying stocks or stock funds. Buy stock in the companies you know and trust. I mean look around your house. What is the brand of your clothes washer? Your refrigerator? Do you like them? Do they  work well? Where do you like to stop for coffee? Buy stock in that company.

Should you buy stock in a gold mine in South Africa that you have never seen? Nope.

Should you buy gold and keep it in a safe in your basement? Not unless you want to buy the guns and ammo to defend you house from intruders. We will talk about gold as an investment, but first let’s talk about Real Estate as an investment tool.

I believe God loves Real Estate. We will explore this in the next few blogs.

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