Wind and Hail

So we have been looking at examples of how God’s spirit can direct us to Biblical prosperity. Here is another example. A friend of mine and his partner are in the construction business. They do remodeling of homes in need of repair or upgrade. Business was a little slow a couple years ago so my friend felt like the Lord was prompting him to put a sign advertising their business out on a street corner in a neighborhood near where he lived. It seemed like a totally random act of advertising to the point of him questioning why he should do it. But he followed through because he felt a prompting of the Lord.

Within a few weeks of him putting out the sign a violent storm came through the area with large amounts of hail accompanying it. The hail damage was extensive, in many cases it shredded the soft vinyl that was used by many builders for house siding in our area. So the damage from the storm required repair and many of the people in need of repair called my friends business because the sign was right there. They were swamped with hail damage repair business and saw a huge increase in their finances.

Did God cause the storm? I don’t think so but he was motivated to prophetically stir my friend to put out a sign before the storms damage. This sounds like God’s supernatural direction to me. It does not bet much more practical than this.

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