Your City Can Prosper Too

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, a young man named Roger Bannister from Oxford University began to have a dream – to run the 1600 Meter race in under 4 minutes. It had been attempted by many runners but it was a barrier that no one was able to break. Roger became convinced that it was possible. No matter what others told him, he simply would not believe their words for he came to believe this barrier could be broken.

On May 5, 1954, Banister broke the barrier running the 1600 Meter race in under 4 minutes. Amazingly enough, before the year was over a number of other athletes ran the same race in under four minutes.  In one race, five men broke the record at one time. What had happened? The barrier to accomplishing this great athletic feat did not exist in their physical bodies, it was in their minds. It was in their thinking. One person broke through into a new possibility and others quickly followed.

What barriers do we have in our minds that keep us from accomplishing all that God has for us? From the scriptures we have already learned that we will prosper as our thinking prospers. But let’s take that a practical step further. What if there is a Biblical model where our prosperous thinking can be combined with others to impact our city or the region in which we live?

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