Practical Exercise – Change Your Words…Do it!

Try this exercise this week-end to help change the power and effect of your words. The following are words that we have spoken over ourselves or others have spoken over us that we want to revoke, thus canceling their effect and breaking their power. Print this out. Write them down and then draw a line through them, breaking their power in Jesus’ name! Sign and date. Then write down the opposite and say them out loud. Do it! Take action.

a. Ex: “I will always work this dead-end job!               




These words have no power over me in Jesus’ name!



What words will we replace them with?

Ex: “I will get ahead.” Ex: “I will get a promotion” or “I will do what it takes to get a better paying job.”           





Boldly say these words you have written out loud right now! Repeat them three times.

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