It Takes Money To Do Things for God

Ephraim Tumusiime is a leader of leaders in the nation of Uganda. He leads a local church in Kampala but also gives oversight to many pastors throughout Uganda. Ephraim is a humble man who is doing great things for God in his nation. They are planting churches, building schools, feeding orphan children and bringing healing and restoration to a country that was brutalized by the dictator Idi Amin as portrayed in the movie “The Last King of Scotland.”

Ephraim and his wife, Jova, now oversee more than 80 churches in Uganda. A few years ago they doubled the number of DOVE churches in Uganda in just two years. It was a dramatic growth spurt. How could they double the number of churches in two years? Was it a sovereign move of God? Yes, God is moving there. Was it his great charismatic leadership? Yes, Ephraim is a good leader. Are they in the middle of a revival? Yes, the spiritual climate is good. However, part of the reason the number of churches has doubled is that someone spent $20,000 to buy Ephraim and Jova a new four wheel drive vehicle so they could reach the remote rural areas of Uganda. The new vehicle is a real part of helping the kingdom of God expand in Uganda.

It is that simple—it takes money to extend the kingdom of God. Traveling ministers need transportation, cars need gas, buildings need electricity, people need to eat, the unreached need church planters, teen centers need gymnasiums, ministries need computers and the poor need jobs created for them. It takes money.

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  1. Awesome and truth-filled word, Brian. Thanks!

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