What Kind of Car Would Jesus Drive?

I have heard Christians try to have a theological discussion about what kind of car Jesus would have driven. Some try to prove he would have driven an expensive car and others try to prove he would have driven a cheap car. Implied in this question is a justification for whatever car the individual wants to drive. I believe this is a fruitless discussion. If you are asking this question, you are thinking wrongly. Stop thinking about what you can get away with and start asking God what he is telling you to do and what you need to do it. How can you be fruitful and multiply? What difference can you make in the world? How will your destiny unfold?

Is God’s blessing so you can buy a boat and go to the lake every weekend to relax? There is nothing wrong with a boat at the lake; in fact, God just might refresh you and give you some ideas to extend the Kingdom while you are there. But remember, Jesus spoke about a man who built bigger barns for his harvest and propped up his feet to watch the world go by. We can never forget the purpose of the “more than enough.” The truth is we do receive many blessings from the Lord for us and our families, and we should. But God will never let things keep you from fulfilling your purpose. It is not about what we receive, though we receive many things from our loving father. It is about what we produce and what we give. Our end game is to extend the kingdom of God.

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